Splitfocus is a new photography platform for photographers and enthusiasts to discover, share, and enjoy photography.

Inspired by photo books by great photographers like Robert Frank, Saul Leiter, Helen Levitt, and many more – I decided to build a platform that would allow me, and other photographers, to share our photos in a similar way on the web.

Simple pages with focus on singular photos and minimal interface. Pages where the viewer can take in all the details of a photo in good quality and size. Sequences can be created on profiles just like you would do in a photo book.

No algorithms, ads, videos, or reels. No distractions. You can like and follow but no one can see like counts, follow counts, who you follow or who follows you. Just a calm place to enjoy photography and be inspired.

Splitfocus is currently in beta, if you'd like early access, send me an email at maxim@hey.com.